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Buying Fine Jewelry Online

Buying fine jewelry online can be a bit of a squabble at times. It is smart to make sure you are buying jewelry from a reputable source; otherwise you are going to get your heart broken when it falls apart or your “sterling silver” rubs off in a few weeks.

Things to consider when buying jewelry online

  • Trust

When shopping online for jewelry, it is important to be sure you are getting what you are paying for. It is recommended to follow up on your concerns by contacting the dealer you are working with, to provide an extra sense of security. Before entering in your credit card details, be sure the payment processer has an “SSL Certificate”. You can check for this in the address bar of your browser, if you are uncertain about the store you want to buy from.

  • Guarantees

It is always better to go with a jewelry provider that offers refunds for returned jewelry. This way, if you order a brand new set of pearl earrings, and they turn out to be shoddy craftsmanship, you can send it back and recover your funds.

  • Certificates of Authenticity

Any reputable jewelry supplier will always provide certificates proving the craftsmanship and makeup of your jewelry. For example, a gold diamond bracelet should come with a certificate that lists the gold quality, measurements, diamond quality, and weight. It is recommended to only buy fine jewelry that has a certificate to back it up.

You can trust FashJewels

Fashion Jewelries strives to always provide the best product and customer experience. To help ease your mind while buying jewelry online, we offer a full money-back guarantee. If under any circumstances you are not happy with a purchase made on our site, we will put your needs first every time – no questions asked.

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